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Our Top Stories of 2018

by Erika Nieman | December 10, 2018

Top Stories of 2018

Here we are again. It’s December and we’re busy preparing for 2019.

2018 was a busy year in the trucking industry. We saw the ELD requirement and enforcement period come into effect. Freight rates and fuel prices fluctuated. Natural disasters struck. The one constant through all the twists and turns is that you moved freight. Truck drivers still got behind the wheels of their trucks and kept everything going.

Last year, we made a commitment to dive deeper into the trucking business and what makes companies successful.

Diving into the Details

We help a lot of trucking companies get started. In that process, there are so many details these entrepreneurs need to learn. We dug into a few of those frequently asked questions.

Successful Trucking Companies

We work with some great people. These men and women put in a lot of work to succeed and grow. This year, we spoke with a few of our factoring clients to learn their stories and how they are running successful trucking companies!

Here Come ELDs

It really happened. ELDs are now a requirement for most motor carriers. This time last year, everyone was scrambling to find out what they needed to do to be compliant as strict enforcement approached.

A Trucking Company Giving Back

In one of our favorite stories of the year, we spoke with Apex client Nick Varkentin, CEO at Kingdom Truck Lines in California. Varkentin goes on mission trips every year to provide resources, assistance, and compassion for people in need.

A Little Bit About Apex Capital

Here at Apex, we provide resources, services, and tools that help truck drivers and trucking companies be successful. We know every company starts with a dream and our goal is to make those dreams reality. So, when we get a chance to measure how we’re doing, we take it.

Apex Capital is routinely ranked among the best companies to work for in both Fort Worth and the whole state of Texas. We believe that if our employees are happy, we provide better customer service to our clients. To test our theory, we ask our clients how we’re doing every year. We must be doing right, because they awarded us a Net Promoter Score of 85. That ranks our customer service in the “world class” level.

We can help you start your trucking company, save on fuel, and get paid fast, all with world class customer service. Are you ready to get started? Call us at 855-369-2739.




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Erika Nieman
Erika is the Online Marketing Manager at Apex. With a background in journalism, she loves learning about people, data, and trends in the trucking industry. She loves creating content and experiences that will help truckers and trucking companies grow and thrive. When she’s not behind a computer in the office, you’ll probably find her at many of the truck shows Apex attends or reading a good book.