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Trucking Industry News Update 6/13/17

ELD Mandate Comes Color-Coated State by State What states are on board with the ELD mandate? As you know electric logging devices are to be law in most commercial vehicles by December 18, 2017. Overdrive Magazine presents a map with … Continued

The Road Less Traveled

Tips for Truck Drivers on Unfamiliar Roads Getting to explore new cities and towns as you drive across the country is one of the perks of being a long haul truck driver. But even trucking pros can get lost and … Continued

What Are the Most Congested Highways?

What Are the Most Congested Highways? Last fall, The American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA) released a study which looked at 50 of the country’s roads with the worst traffic problems for trucks and cars. The study, “Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015,” … Continued

Trucking Industry Update 10/22/15

See what’s happening in the trucking industry this week! House Releases a Long-Term Highway Bill The U.S. House’s Transportation Committee released a six-year $325 billion long-term highway funding bill. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is expected to vote on the … Continued

Trucking Industry Update 9/18/15

See how a new bill will allow 91,000-pound trucks on the highways in this week’s update! Thank a Truck Driver during NTDAW this Week National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) continues this week. Read more on how the industry is honoring … Continued

9 Easy Ways for Truck Drivers to Reduce Stress

Learn easy-to-use tips to reduce stress Being a truck driver can be stressful. You deal with traffic, other drivers, road construction, being away from home, loading and unloading delays, truck maintenance, and all those ever-changing regulations! So, what can you … Continued

Trucking Industry Update

What’s Going on in the Trucking Industry this Week? BFGoodrich Recalls Truck Tires BFGoodrich is recalling about 129,000 commercial truck tires. The tires loose air pressure quickly because of a rupture on the sidewall. To see a complete list of … Continued

Trucking Industry Update

The Headlines in Trucking News This Week House Passes Short Term Highway Bill Patch The House voted to pass a short-term funding patch, rather than the Senate’s DRIVE Act highway bill. The patch will extend current highway funding until the … Continued

Trucking Industry Update

What’s Going on in the Trucking Industry this Week? Senate Moves Closer to Passing Long-Term Highway Bill The Senate voted to move forward on a 6-year highway and transit bill. It now goes into deliberation before voting. The bill would approve … Continued

Trucking Industry Update

Everyone’s Trying to Figure Out Highway Funding… House Passes Short-Term Highway Funding The House passed an $8-billion plus, short-term extension that would fund the Federal Highway Trust Fund until December 18. The Senate now has two weeks to act, as … Continued