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How to Protect Yourself on a Load Board

by Apex Capital | August 26, 2015

Protect yourself searching for a load board.

Load boards can be a great way for trucking companies to find customers to haul for. If you’re new to the trucking industry or want to start a trucking company, online load boards can help you find freight to haul and create relationships with brokers.

But how do you know if you’re hauling for a quality customer? Unfortunately, there are some brokers who will try to scam carriers on load boards. It’s important to protect yourself, so you can get paid and avoid getting scammed.

Do Your Research

The best way to avoid this situation is to check your customer’s information on If you receive a rate sheet, compare the information on the confirmation to make sure it matches what is on file with the FMCSA.

You’ll want to know your customer’s:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Broker bond
  • Operating authority

Make sure your customer has a valid, up-to-date license, and an active bond that covers the $75,000 requirement. Request a copy of their operating authority and verify that the information listed matches the FMCSA database information. You can also follow up on your research by contacting the company to confirm their information.

Check Credit

Checking all this information can take a lot of time, so working with a load board or company that offers credit checks is a great way to make this process fast and easy.

Some load boards will offer ‘credit checks’ on their listed loads that don’t give you a lot of information. So if you’re relying on their credit system, educate yourself on their credit ratings and what they mean.

Apex offers our factoring clients one of the best credit systems in the industry and FREE unlimited credit checks, so you’ll know if a customer is in good standing and exactly how much they’re approved for.

We also offer our own FREE load board, Anyone can create a free account. Brokers and shippers can post loads directly and carriers can search for loads by city or state, equipment type, load size and date. Apex clients have access to special features on; they can check credit on the brokers and shippers they want to haul for and they can access the Apex fuel finder to find the best prices on fuel along the load’s route. With a 10-second refresh time, which matches the fastest refresh time in the industry, any carrier can quickly find the newest and most relevant loads.

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