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Apex Mobile Factoring: 21st Century Technology Goes Trucking

by Mario Tarradell | May 30, 2017

Apex Mobile Factoring: 21st Century Technology Goes Trucking

Twenty-first-century technology makes our lives faster and easier, not to mention reliably portable.

That smart cell phone you carry everywhere, whether an iOS or an Android, is your mobile everything on the go.

Thank an app for that. Today apps are essential to our daily function. There’s basically an app for anything. As of March 2017, Google Play Store, launched in 2008 as Android Market, has 2.8 million apps ready for download. Back in July 2013, the Google Play Store had already surpassed the 1 million apps mark. Apple’s App Store, by comparison, lists 2.2 million apps.

The Apex Mobile Factoring™ app arrived in April 2015, two years after the debut of the Apex app in April 2013. As of April 2017, approximately 500 Apex clients are using the Mobile Factoring™ app for capturing images of factoring invoices, sending factoring invoices electronically, finding fuel prices, and checking credit on brokers and shippers, among many other uses.


Using the Apex Mobile Factoring™ app is one of many perks of being an Apex freight factoring client. When you become an Apex freight factoring client, you immediately get these benefits:

  • FREE Fuel Card with discounts on fuel nationwide
  • FREE Online Account Management Portal (AMP) 24/7
  • FREE access to our load board, NextLOAD.com
  • FREE credit checks and self-funding
  • FREE Mobile Factoring™ through Apex’s Mobile App

The Apex Mobile Factoring™ App is a potent tool for trucking companies keeping up with the challenging demands of the current trucking industry. It’s a travelling office for the road, as you can see during this video.


As an Apex freight bill factoring client armed with the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App, you have the fast and easy ability to:

  • Capture Images – For the fastest funding possible, you can take photos of your load’s paperwork upon delivery of freight and send the images directly to Apex.
  • Create Invoices – Easily create and submit invoices and schedules to Apex from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Fuel Finder – Our app will show you the best fuel prices based on your location, or along a specific route.
  • Credit Checks – Check credit on brokers and shippers you want to work with from the convenience of your smartphone all day and all night.
  • Notifications – Receive push notifications from Apex about nearby fuel savings, credit check results, promotions, and much more.
  • Secure Login – You can log into your account anytime, from anywhere. In AMP, you can add users and customize the Mobile Factoring™ app features they will need.
  • Tracking – Track the funding/payment statuses of your invoices and schedules.
  • Reports – View reports about your factoring and fuel accounts.
  • Amenities – See what amenities are available at truck stops.


When you become an Apex client we provide you with steady reliable cash flow with great fuel discounts, tire and maintenance discounts, free membership to our 24/7 Roadside Rescue program, and more! Call 855-369-2739 or get started here.




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Mario Tarradell
Mario Tarradell is a Bilingual Communications Specialist at Apex Capital. He comes to Apex after a long career writing for daily newspapers. At Apex, Mario enjoys telling stories about truckers, especially about the many aspects of the trucking industry that have the greatest impact on them personally and professionally. Mario believes that truckers are our lifelines, so he always wants to pay respect to the hard-working folks behind the wheel.