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Indiana Sales Tax Information for Trucking Companies

by Apex Capital | July 18, 2012

Indiana Sales Tax Influences Fuel Prices

An Indiana State sales tax law is now being enforced. In the past, the State of Indiana required TA and Petro Stopping Centers to post signs at the diesel pump stating, “Trucks Only” in order to excuse diesel transactions from the 7% sales tax. The State of Indiana has recently fined an Indiana TA truck stop for not requiring exemption certificates from all its exempt trucking customers. The fine is in excess of $200,000 per location. This fine may impact your pricing and fuel discounts in Indiana.

We want to make sure carriers are aware of the pricing and are running in accordance to state laws. The Indiana State Sales Tax equates to about $0.20 / gallon, so finding out if your company is exempt could mean big savings.

To learn more about how the Indiana Sales Tax law will impact your trucking company, check out more information about the Indiana Sales Tax. We answer some of these questions:

How do I know if my company is exempt from the Indiana sales tax?

How much money will I save, if I complete an Indiana sales tax exemption form?

What’s going to happen when I buy fuel in Indiana?

How to complete the Indiana Sales Tax Exemption Form.




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