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Holiday Gift Ideas for Truckers

by Apex Capital | November 25, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Trucker

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season and how to say thank you to that special trucker in your life. We put our heads together and thought of a few options that your trucker will be happy to receive (no re-gifting or returns here)!

Gift Cards: Do a little digging to find out what truck stops he or she likes to go to and get a gift card from his or her favorite stop. This gift is perfect because it is customizable to the trucker. With your gift, he or she can get a cup of their favorite coffee, a good meal or even a shower from his or her favorite stop. A perfect gift!

Travel coffee mug: Coffee is usually a winner with truckers. A practical gift idea is an insulated travel mug that keeps the coffee nice and hot on long routes. Go an extra step further and customize the mug with the truckers favorite sports team’s logo or monogram. You’re sure to have a practical, thoughtful gift.

Audio books / Satellite Radio / mp3 gift card: Keep the trucker in your life entertained on the road by giving him or her a book on tape or a satellite radio subscription. If you’re not sure what his or her taste in books or music is, an Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card can be a great option. It gets boring on the road, so your trucker will appreciate having something new to listen to.

Memory foam pillow: Give the gift of pampering and relaxation with a memory foam pillow. Since a lot of time is spent in the truck, this token of comfort is sure to make sleeping on the road a lot more enjoyable.

A Maglite flashlight: We have heard from our clients this is a popular one, so it’s a practical and solid option for gift-giving. Because it’s able to be stashed in a truck and is multi-functional, your trucker is sure to appreciate this gift, especially on those dark routes.

Gift Ideas for a Trucking Company

Are you a company owner looking for a gift for your employees? Here are a few other options that make great gifts for your drivers and employees.

A duffle bag with the company logo: This gift is perfect to stash in the truck and also makes a great overnight or even gym bag for those who are prepping for their New Years Resolutions.

A personalized travel mug: We put this one on the list again because it’s such a practical gift that works for so many people. You can personalize the mug to the individual or feature your company’s logo.

Hotel voucher: This one might be pricy, but will definitely be well received by your drivers.  A night in a good hotel is sure to send the message of appreciation to your employees. For those who aren’t drivers, this gift will come in handy when spending those valuable vacation days.

Truck repair items: Some items that we found to make great gifts for truckers are a good pressure gauge with spare glad hand rubber inserts, a tire inflation kit, a truck caddy holder, or a beaded seat cover.

These practical gifts will save your drivers time and energy and are sure to prolong the life of your trucks, a double win!

We hope that these suggestions gave you some idea of what to give those special truckers in your life. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what gift you decide on, the point of gifting is to show care and appreciation. If you remember that, then whatever gift you give is sure to be well received!

Happy Haul-idays from Apex!




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