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Four Ways to Boost Fuel Economy

by Apex Capital | December 5, 2013

It’s no secret that fuel is a top concern for most trucking companies. With frequent price jumps related to the ever-changing petroleum markets, the trucking industry is constantly affected.

When the cost of fuel accounts for an average of 30% of a company’s operating cost, how can trucking companies stay cost-effective when it comes to fuel?

While trucking companies can’t control the price of fuel, they can control the amount and rate of consumption, which can make a big impact in a trucking company’s bottom line.

Here are four tips to help boost fuel economy

Reduce Idling

Idling increases stress on a truck’s engine, which uses additional fuel and increases maintenance costs. Every hour spent idling can decrease fuel efficiency by 1%. Through proper maintenance and fuel savings, trucking companies can save thousands of dollars a year. Also idling for five minutes or more brings big fines in several California cities. Overall, California has severe restrictions statewide on diesel truck idling, so companies need to check idling rules before doing so.

Minimize Air-Conditioning Use

Our clients suggest minimizing the use of the A/C. Running the A/C increases fuel consumption by .2 to .4 miles per gallon. By encouraging drivers to reduce their A/C use, trucks can use less fuel with just the turn of a knob. A great alternative to running the A/C and idling is stopping at a rest stop that features idle-free technology.

Lower Average Highway Speed

Every mile per hour increase over 55 equals a 0.1 miles per gallon drop in fuel economy. Just by slowing down a truck’s speed, drivers can use less fuel and give the brakes a rest too. Drivers can prevent unnecessary acceleration and frequent braking, by lowering a truck’s speed and keeping a good following distance. This can make a big difference in fuel consumption.

Use the Apex Fuel Card

If you are an Apex client, make sure to sign up for the Fuel Card Program. Through a partnership with EFS Transportation Services, Apex has specifically designed its own fuel card and is able to pass on 100% of fuel discounts to clients, saving them an average of $400 per truck per month.

The Apex Fuel Card is accepted at over 6,200 locations nationwide and in Canada. Major chains accepting the Apex Fuel Card include TA, Petro, Pilot and Flying J, along with several thousand independent locations.

With these simple tips, trucking companies can save thousands of dollars a year despite fluctuating fuel prices. Give these tips a try and let us know if they make a difference for you. Post on our Facebook page, Twitter account, Google + or connect with us on LinkedIn. We would love to know your thoughts.




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