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FMCSA Will Allow Electronic Devices to Record HOS

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FMCSA Will Allow Electronic Devices to Record HOS

On July 10, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced it will allow truck drivers to use computers, tablets and smartphones to record their electronic logs for Hours of Service (HOS) records.  Previously, drivers who used these electronic devices to record HOS were not in compliance with the regulations. In the past, the driver’s signature on the electronic logs needed to be in their own handwriting, not digitally signed. But the new guidance allows compliance through electronic signatures.

Under the guidance, truck drivers will be required to show the past seven days of log records to law enforcement during an inspection. Law enforcement officers can request printed copies of the logs or view them directly on the device. The drivers must be given an opportunity to print logs if a printed version is requested.

If a truck driver chooses to not to sign their logs with an electronic signature, he or she will be required to print the electronic log and manually sign logs daily. During inspection, a driver will be able to sign a printed copy of an electronic log if he or she is not using an electronic signature.

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