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Diesel Tax Hike Squeezes Vermont Truckers

by Apex Capital | June 5, 2013

Starting in July, Vermont truckers can expect to feel some added pain at the fuel pump. The price of diesel is expected to rise 2 cents per gallon in the summer of 2013 and then by another cent in July 2014 as a result of a new state fuel tax.

The price hike was part of an overall effort from the Vermont State Legislature to boost fuel tax revenue. It plans to use the increased funds to pay for road improvement and to access dollars that are part of a federal matching program.

Fuel prices have already jumped about six cents a gallon as a result of the new tax rule, according to the Burlington Free Press.

The legislation will mean Vermont truck drivers can expect increases in fuel costs, leading some to question whether the new rule is fair or practical.

Impact of Fuel Taxes on Trucking

Ed Miller, a lobbyist for the Vermont Truck and Bus Association, told the Rutland Herald that in Vermont, diesel fuel tax is already 50 percent higher than gasoline. Others complained the price hike would place a huge burden on trucking companies, which they would then have to pass on to consumers.

For example, truck drivers can expect to pay an extra $6 to fill one 200-gallon tank of fuel. Rolland Bellavance, president of Bellavance Trucking and head of the Vermont Truck and Bus Association, said in media reports he will have to spend an extra $19,000 next year to keep his fleet fueled.

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