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Converting Plastic to Oil

by Apex Capital | September 3, 2012

Imagine a machine that could convert all of your plastic water bottles and milk jugs into usable oil for your car. It sounds like science-fiction, but the reality of this machine is not as far-fetched as you think. Although this technology has been around for quite some time, the resulting product never fully compared to conventional oil. However, that’s changing thanks to John Bordynuik, founder of JBI Inc.

According to Bordynuik, previous plastic-to-oil attempts have always resulted in a low-grade quality product with a relatively low-flashpoint. In other words, the product resembled the sludge you see if you haven’t changed your oil in 10,000 miles. With Bordynuik’s “plastic-eating machine,” the resulting product is the same No. 6 fuel that U.S. Steel and other major companies pay a lot of money to obtain. In an interview with NPR, Bordynuik told reporters that his product “meets the same specifications of any standardized fuel.”

Future Oil or Another Alternative Fuel Fad?

Bordynuik claims that it costs $10 to produce one barrel of the new oil, and JBI sells it for $100 through its distributor. In fact, the company produces thousands of gallons each day, and it plans to make a significant impact on the future of the oil industry. However, the new oil carries the label “alternative,” which doesn’t bode well for the start-up company.

JBI Inc. hopes to carry through with the project and change the landscape of the oil industry. While Bordynuik admits to creating another type of fossil fuel, the new product significantly impacts how recycling centers and landfills manage plastic waste. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that only seven percent of Americans recycle plastics, so JBI’s new technology can reduce the amount of plastics that make it to the landfill. Since there’s always a need for plastics and oil, Bordynuik believes his company can positively affect and alter each industry.




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