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Want to Know What Brokers and Shippers Really Think of Us?

by Apex Capital | June 8, 2015

Brokers and Shippers

Our clients’ customers are a big part of Apex.

We collect payment from them, so it’s important that they enjoy working with us and we build strong relationships with them.

To make sure we’re doing our best, each year we ask brokers and shippers how we’re doing. This is their opportunity to share valuable feedback on their experience with Apex. These comments help us deliver exceptional customer service and the features they need most.

The results are in! Here’s what they had to say about working with Apex


When we asked brokers and shippers (our client’s customers) if they would recommend Apex Capital to trucking companies that are seeking factoring services, 81 percent said yes.


When we asked brokers and shippers how they feel about Apex overall, 87 percent said they are satisfied. 85 percent were satisfied with our professionalism and 82 percent were satisfied with the accuracy of their invoices.

Do you have carriers with paperwork or cash flow issues? Send them to us! We are always accepting referrals. Or maybe you’re a carrier who is stressed about cash flow? Either way, give us a call at 1-855-369-2739 and we’ll help you out.

Find out why our clients say we’re Amercia’s Favorite Factor.






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