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Apex is Thankful for Great Clients!

by Apex Capital | November 24, 2014

Apex is Thankful for Great Clients!

98% of our clients agree, Apex delivers on promises

At Apex, we continually strive to assist our client’s success by not only offering fast, reliable and flexible factoring services, but also innovative programs such as our fuel card discount program, online account management portal, mobile app, and a free load board to give our clients a competitive advantage in their industry.

To be sure we are meeting the needs of our clients and offering them the products and services they want, we asked them to complete a survey to let us know what they like about Apex, what they don’t like, what issues they face and what we can do to improve.

To say thank you for their time, we entered every client who filled out our survey into a drawing for a free iPad Air. Dede Velikina from Vladi Trucking was our lucky winner and this is what she had to say about her experience with Apex.

“My business celebrated its 11 year anniversary recently and Apex has been with me since the beginning. I love their outstanding customer service, friendly staff, reliable credit checks, great communication, easy to use online tools and so much more. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to extend my gratitude to my account executive, Brandy K. and everyone in her group. I know Apex has my company’s best interest in mind and I truly trust their opinion and expertise. Over the years the people at Apex have become my friends and I can’t thank everyone enough for their hard work and dedication. Apex has helped me build my business from the ground up and kept my business going through good and bad times and for that I am grateful!”

The results of the survey are in, and we are proud to announce that the vast majority of our clients, like Dede, are very satisfied with Apex’s services, programs and customer service.

Apex Factoring Delivers

When you call Apex, we’re going to tell you the truth. We never promise things we can’t deliver.
98% of our clients agree, Apex delivers on promises.

One of our clients noted something they weren’t expecting,
“They did not tell me everyone was so nice and so easy to get along with.”

We know information and transparency are important when it comes to running your trucking business effectively, so providing 24/7 online account access and communication is our top priority.
95% of our clients tell us we’re doing it right!

“In today’s business climate,” another client explained, “where there is much to be desired in service oriented business, Apex stands tall as a well-focused team with a full knowledge of the services / products offered in assisting the transportation industry.”

Thank You!

We’re humbled that 99.5% of our clients would recommend Apex to a friend.

We believe the highest compliment we can receive is a referral from one of our clients. We’re very fortunate that most of our factoring clients decided to work with Apex because of our outstanding reputation as an honest and reliable factoring company.

An owner of a trucking company said, “[I’m] glad we factor with Apex. They are more than a factoring company, I feel like we’re a team, I can rely on Apex for credit checks, fast pay, fuel discounts. All a trucker needs!”

We’re honored that the amazing trucking companies that trust Apex as their freight factoring company are so pleased!

A Better Factoring Experience

The number one reason trucking companies need a factoring company is for fast and reliable cash flow. The challenges trucking companies face are endless and they can’t always wait 30 – 90 days to get paid for work they’ve already done. At Apex, we are always looking for ways to be better, so our clients can run their companies more effectively and efficiently. Apex Capital is committed to providing responsive, personal and legendary customer service to the clients we serve. We care about making a difference in the lives of our clients every day.

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