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Apex Capital Invests in Fiber Optic Ring in North Texas

by Apex Capital | June 7, 2012

Apex Capital, a leader in the freight factoring industry, continually invests in technology to provide the best service for their clients. To ensure the fastest, most technologically integrated service possible Apex partnered with FiberLight, leveraging more than 150 miles of underground fiber optic lines forming a ring in North Texas.

Through their agreement with FiberLight, Apex has a private line directly connecting their Fort Worth office to their Dallas colocation facility for real-time replication and multi-location service availability. A private fiber optic network provides a faster, more secure connection and is used by businesses that must maintain connections to multiple physical locations, such as Cooks Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. With a fiber optic ring providing their systems with redundancy there is no need to access the public sector of the Internet for intra-company communications. If any portion of the ring is undermined, information will traverse the alternate path, providing dependable service to clients at all times.

With their recent venture in fiber optics, Apex is raising the bar for customer service. Reliable technology is imperative for Apex clients who depend on Apex’s connectivity for daily transactions, credit, accounting and fuel information.

FiberLight is a leading provider of metro Ethernet and fiber optic networks that has contracts with companies such as Amazon and has been expanding its market in North Texas.




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