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America’s Strangest Highway Laws

by Apex Capital | September 4, 2013

Every state has it’s own set of laws that apply to drivers on the roads. There are some pretty strange ones on the books. Perhaps the biggest question that remains, is what happened to make some of them necessary!?


It is illegal to drive while blindfolded, though it seems this should be obvious.


With all that snow, roof racks that hold skis and snowboards are commonplace. However, beware that it is illegal to tie your dog to the roof of a car.


If you love both ice cold beverages and sandwiches and honking your horn, be careful in Arkansas. It’s illegal to blare your horn in areas where these refreshments are served after 9 p.m.


Although asphalt looks pretty appealing as a bed, in Eureka, Calif. it’s illegal to sleep on the road. Drive down to Hermosa Beach and you can sleep on the road there, but just don’t spill your margarita – it’s against the law.


This isn’t the state for an African-style safari. You can’t hunt from your vehicle.


No matter how much time it cuts off your commute, you cannot drive through playgrounds in Dublin, Georgia.


Use caution when swerving and hitting the gas in Derby, Kansas. Screeching your tires is punishable by up to 30 days in jail.


Doughnuts are sweet and delicious, but in South Berwick, Maine you need to park around the corner. It’s against the law to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

New Jersey

We love the environment as much as the next person, however when planting trees in Blairstown, New Jersey, don’t do so in the middle of the street or you could find yourself with a ticket.

New York

Keep your clothes on when driving in Sag Harbor, New York. It’s illegal to drive in the nude.

North Carolina

When driving through Dunn, North Carolina, there’s one major rule: Stay on the road. The law prohibits driving on the sidewalk and in graveyards (unless you’re there to dig a grave or bury someone).


Attention all comic book nerds: Save reading time for the house. You’ll be in violation of the law if you reading a comic book while driving.


No matter how hot it is, keep your vehicle doors closed. Police will ticket you if you leave your door open longer than they deem necessary.

West Virginia

Does that roadkill you just passed look like an appealing meal? Go for it. It’s totally legal to scavenge dead animals on the highway.

Source: DMV

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