Meet Biff

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Have you seen Biff?!

Biff is the face of Apex! At Apex, we not only provide fast cash for trucking companies, we provide the best service possible. We value honesty and integrity  

  • Created: November, 1995
  • Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Favorite Food: Mexican and BBQ
  • Favorite Sports: Golf, Football, Softball, Kickball, and attends a weekly Boot Camp class
  • Favorite Movies: Transformers, Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy, White Line Fever, and Talladega Nights
  • Favorite TV Shows: Trick my Truck, Ice Road Truckers
  • Favorite Road Songs: Road Hammer, Chicken Lights & Chrome
  • Known For: Black hair, the cash he holds, and his bubbly personality
  • You might not know: Even though Biff is a fictional character, many people call in to Apex to speak to Biff.


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