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Service, reliability, and reputation are the fundamental elements of a quality factor. Apex has in-depth trucking experience, a reputation for honesty, and offers services you’ll need to make smart decisions. The value of having these services is priceless and not all factors provide it.

Apex value-added services are designed to strengthen and complement your trucking business while saving you time and money. Take advantage of these additional services… free to all Apex clients.

Personal Account Manager

You’re more than just a number at Apex. It seems to us that if people are going to trust a factor with their business, that factor ought to have the decency to learn their names or least answer the phone when they call. That might be a rarity these days, but not to us. We provide you with a dedicated personal account manager to help you build your business. We’re here to help.

24/7 Online Account Access

Your finances are important to you. What’s even more important is being able to see the status of your account at any time. Apex makes that easy. When you submit invoices to Apex you know exactly how much you’ll receive, what fees will be applied, and what will go into your reserve each and every time. Your account is constantly updated with new information. Many factors don’t provide detailed reports, which leaves the client completely unaware of his financial situation. This is how companies go out of business. How can you run your business if you don’t know how much money you have or know exactly what fees you’re being charged?

Free Credit & Collections

Thousands of new broker authorities are issued each year. Most small fleet owners don’t have the financial resources to subscribe to a credit reporting agency and others don’t have the experience to know or understand how to analyze credit. Failing to check credit and establish limits for your customers, whether brokers or shippers, is perhaps the single largest cause of the demise of small trucking fleets.

We have the best credit system in the trucking industry along with credit experts on staff. It’s the Apex Advantage. Did you know nearly 10% of Apex’s referrals come from the very people we collect from? This says quite a bit about how we do business with your customers. Apex collects in a professional and courteous manner. Because of our long history in the trucking industry, we have valuable relationships with many of the people our clients haul for, making the whole process seamless.

Non-Recourse Factoring Options

Non-recourse factoring is the sale or purchase of accounts receivable without the option of legal recourse in case of default. With non-recourse factoring, the factor takes on the risk that a load will not be paid. Apex is so confident in our credit decisions that we offer several non-recourse factoring options.

Huge Fuel Discounts

The Apex fuel discount and management program addresses two critical components of the trucking business – fuel costs and driver management. The huge discounts are only one component of the program. Each day clients using an Apex Fuel Card receive one easy to read report detailing where its drivers were, what they bought, and how well their vehicles performed. The card is accepted at 5,100 locations nationwide and is available only to Apex clients.

TA/Petro Tire Discount & Service Program

Apex now offers a great new national discount program on tires and tire services. The tire discount program is available only to Apex clients on the fuel card program. Discounts are significantly below fleet pricing on tier one and tier two brand tires. This assures your company of competitive and consistent pricing nationwide on tires and tire repairs whether on your yard or on the road.

Discounted FedEx Program

Expedite your funding and get guaranteed first delivery. Apex has partnered with Fedex to offer a discount program to truckers that factor their freight bills. Apex provides preprinted labels to make shipping your invoices and proof of delivery faster and easier. If you FedEx your freight bills to us, we can turn your accounts receivable into cash faster.