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Apex Client Love Poems

          • It all started with a phone call to 1-800-511-6022
            Friendly voice won me over, and it didn’t take long
            And now three years later, it’s more than factoring
            Our love is more than just 100s of invoices strong!It’s a relationship like no other, everything so smooth
            Attached to you with every mile, like with super glue
            There should be no other factoring companies
            Because you’re unique, you’re the best, and I love you!-Spike Express LLC
          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue,
            I save so much money on fuel
            I am in love with you – Shaun Chambers Trucking LLC
          • oh how i love apex,
            let me count the ways
            their employees are so friendly
            they brighten up our days!
            the fuel savings are huge
            their service is great
            always the best deal
            and awesome factoring rates!!! — Master Freighters Transportation
          • Apex is great
            with exceptional rates
            How they communicate
            is great, great, great. — North American LLC
          • Roses are red , Apex is blue,
            I can always count on Apex to
            keep my freight business running so smooth,
            Getting our money on time sure comes in handy,
            And that is why we think Apex is as  sweet as candy! — B Chambers Trucking LLC
          • Roses are red apexes blue
            my everyday spending is because of apex to.
            We both love to shine we both love to rise,
            apex won’t you be my valentine.
            Where to go what to do
            February 14 is coming I should send a schedule to.
            Me and  my lover are ready to go
            we have no place to stay so we pray Apex capital don’t give the gift away — Ozoor Express Inc
          • We have been together for so long,
            After 10 years still going strong.
            Thanks to Apex we have been here for a while, when the money is rolling in it brings a smile.
            They stand by us through thick and thin, If you use their services you will win.
            We hope our relationship last many more years, Cause with their company by our side we have no fears.
            Our company will continue to grow,
            and they will be there no matter what, we know! — Scott Stewart Trucking
          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue,
            I Love you Apex
            Truly I DO! — Jehu Express
          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue
            My business just couldn’t survive without you!
            You’re always there, taking care of me
            You always know what to do… — Mann Trucking LLC
          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue,
            Apex helps shed
            the cash flow burden off you!They’re staffed with the most friendly agents,
            And have such a user-friendly site
            From the date of our account commencement
            It was love at first sight!

            Their fuel discounts are to die for
            They’re always there when you call,
            You get tire discounts and more,
            Their president shows concern for us all!

            Apex, you’re the best
            In the role that you play,
            The other factoring companies are just pests
            Oh, Apex, you take my heart away! — Young Trucking Company

          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue,
            Bills I dread,
            You know that’s true!Factor your receivables,
            Get money fast,

            Apex’s service is inconceivable,
            And you’ll have the cash! — Straight Line Transport LLC

          • This valentine is different as you can see
            I usually write love letters to folks who love me
            But this year is different and that is a fact
            This poems for Apex because nothing they lackTheir bills are always paid, correctly and prompt
            I never have to worry about my utilities shutting off
            This Valentine’s day, to you I recommend
            Apex factoring, because I consider them a friend — ABC Trucking
          • Roses are red,
            Apex is blue The way Dilek’s team is profecional and always on Que — Hawkeye Logistics Inc
          • How do I love thee?
            Let me count the ways
            When you factor with Apex
            You get your money in just days. — Burdette Trucking